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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Jun 19, 2018

It's a light news day in the Apple world, so we'll give you some stories about rumored Apple Watches, the upcoming Walkie-Talkie feature of the Apple Watch, how a 6.5-inch iPhone X might be the biggest seller this fall, and a new replacement power cord for MacBooks could shed some light on dark places:

  • That Brazilian developer has done it again, this time finding references to four new Apple Watch models in the latest iOS 12 developer beta release
  • If you and a friend are both running the second developer beta of watchOS 5, you can start to use the new Walkie-Talkie function
  • Rumors from Korea and the Apple supply chain show that Apple thinks the "iPhone X Plus" will be the top seller when it arrives this fall
  • Ten One Design introduced a totally innovative replacement power cord for the MacBook/MacBook Pro. "Stella" has a plug that lights up the socket when you get near it, and other impressive features
Jun 18, 2018

A slow day for Apple news, so we're covering three short stories for you regarding 911 location services, Apple Pay and an upcoming change in macOS Mojave:

  • Apple partners with a 911 infrastructure company in the USA to integrate its HELO technology into existing call centers so iOS 12 911 calls will send specific and detailed location information
  • Apple Pay is making it to Poland as early as tomorrow
  • System software updates are moving from the Mac App Store to a System Preference pane in macOS Mojave, returning to the location they were before OS X Lion
Jun 15, 2018

Before you head off for your fun weekend, be sure to load this episode of the Apple World Today News Update podcast so you can be up to speed on the latest news in the world of Apple and the telecom industry:

  • Apple debuts a new portal for the Apple Online Store that features a modern design that's clean and easy to use
  • The HomePod can now read the news in Canada, France and Germany
  • 5G networks are coming, and it looks like the 2018 iPhones may use a new modem chip from Intel that not only supports 5G and all existing wireless standards, but also runs on both CDMA and GSM networks
  • Time Warner has now officially been devoured by AT&T, and T-Mobile and Sprint will file their merger application on Monday
Jun 14, 2018

Welcome to Thursday's episode of the Apple World Today News Update, brought to you this week by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare.  Today we have news of cheap iPhones (new in the box!), a security scare that doesn't seem too scary, and how Apple employees at Apple Park are going to be made uncomfortable so they'll stand at least part of each work day:

  • Get an iPhone in South Korea for $40! They're new in the box, they're unlocked, but there's a catch...
  • Russian smartphone cracker ElcomSoft says they can read your entire iMessages history...but they pretty much need all of your login information before they can do it
  • Every desk at Apple Park is a standing desk that converts for sitting use, but the chairs are made to make you uncomfortable
Jun 13, 2018

It's Slow News Wednesday™, but we dredged up some great little stories designed to both inform and hopefully entertain you:

  • Former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hasn't let his new career stop his rumors, this time about the Apple Watch Series 4
  • The Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular + GPS will now run on two more carriers in the US: US Cellular and C Spire
  • Like your Ring Video Doorbell? That experience is about to come to a full do-it-yourself home security system from the company, now available for pre-order and shipping in early July
Jun 12, 2018

For this late spring podcast of Apple-related news, we take you to Macau, tell you about changes to the Apple Support iOS app, and talk about a new iPhone app that can help you to get a better night's sleep:

  • Apple's newest retail outlet will be the second for Macau, a thriving resort and casino area
  • The Apple Support app gained 20 new regions and nine new languages today
  • Want a better night of sleep? The new SleepScore app uses your iPhone to capture body movement to tell you how you're sleeping, and makes suggestions that can help you obtain more restful sleep
Jun 11, 2018

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week's podcasts are sponsored by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare, and today those stories include the following:

  • A river diver recovered an iPhone X that had spent two weeks underwater, and it's just fine, thank you
  • Apple vs. Samsung isn't over yet. Although a court ruled in late May that Samsung owes Apple $533 million, Samsung basically accused the jury of being unreasonable and wants a retrial and $145 million
  • Three upcoming hearings in the Apple vs. Qualcomm battle will decide if Apple has to pay up to $4.5 billion in unpaid license fees, or if Qualcomm really is overcharging for what is now basic cell phone technology
Jun 8, 2018

It's been a busy, busy WWDC week! After the keynote, hands-on testing of some of the new operating systems, and so on, we decided to end the week on a light note:

  • Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone 3G! Apple's second iPhone brought 3G "speeds", third-party apps, and the App Store to the mobile device.
  • Apple Music is getting a new feature today -- Coming Soon
  • Today we look at a few of the more notable changes to watchOS 5, like how you access Control Center and Notification Center
Jun 7, 2018

We have a few short and sweet notes for you today, with two of them being about a new and improved password management API in iOS 12:

  • Password Autofill in iOS 12 is going to make it possible for third-party password managers like 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass to work seamlessly with QuickType for super-fast password entry
  • iOS 12 is also adding the ability to share passwords with others through the use of AirDrop
  • Facebook confesses to a problem last month that affects about 14 million users; some of their private posts were made public
  • Still grandfathered into the original AT&T unlimited data plan? AT&T is going to raise your rates next month from $40 to $45.
Jun 6, 2018

WWDC 2018 continues, and we have stories about a new Apple Watch API for monitoring Parkinson's disease, an upcoming "WWDC for investors", a couple of developer announcements and an iPhone case that purports to detect weapons and bombs:

  • Apple adds a Movement Disorder API to Apple Watch to continuously monitor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
  • Asymco analyst Horace Dediu is holding a one-day conference in LA next week for Apple investors
  • We discuss iOS 12's ability to automatically install the latest iOS version
  • MapKit JS is going to add Apple Maps to websites
  • Royal Holdings says its upcoming SWORD smartphone case will detect guns, knives or explosive devices, and can match target photos to the people around you
Jun 5, 2018

We're recovering from the WWDC 2018 keynote and yesterday's podcast with a much shorter podcast today. Today we're thanking our sponsor Digiarty and their free macXvideo 4K video processing and sharing app before jumping into the podcast. Be sure to check out macXvideo here

  • We'll be live tonight for AWT TV Episode 41, discussing the keynote announcements and perhaps even taking a first look at iOS 12
  • Apple provided some fascinating statistics about podcasts, noting that it now hosts more than 550,000 active shows
  • A hacked emergency alert system appears to be the source of an odd alert sent out to people in Virginia this morning
  • Apple is retiring its use of OpenGL after Mojave, and that has some game developers steaming mad
Jun 4, 2018

If you missed the WWDC 2018 keynote this morning, you're in for a treat...or if you slept through some of the keynote, you can pick up the details of those items discussed while you were dozing.

Today's podcast is a special edition long episode that covers the event from start to finish in 26 minutes, with details on all of the announcements made about iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5.

If you're curious about macOS Mojave's new dynamic desktop and desktop stacks, Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, the cool new Walkie-Talkie feature in watchOS 5, Dolby Atmos support in tvOS 12 and all of the other announcements made today, you've come to the right place. 

Jun 1, 2018

It's June! We'll finally see the official start of summer in a few weeks, we have an Apple keynote coming up on Monday, and betas of the next-generation operating systems should be available soon. In the interim, we have the news for you in convenient podcast form:

  • UBS has raised its target share price for shares in Apple to $210, matching Morgan Stanley's number from earlier this week. The investment firm cited stronger than expected demand for iPhone X and Plus models as the primary reason for its optimism
  • A Bain Capital-led consortium that includes Apple, Dell and several other memory manufacturers has completed the purchase of Toshiba's memory group
  • The final emoji list for 2018 is here and will be released on June 5. We have a video overview from Emojipedia on the website for your viewing pleasure
May 31, 2018

It's the last day of May, and we have some fascinating stories for today's Apple World Today News Update podcast:

  • One Apple supplier's stock has fallen by more than half its value this year, based on rumors that Apple might be making its own power management chips
  • Connected health pioneer Withings is back after being acquired and run into the ground by Nokia
  • Distracted driving laws may start seeing the Apple Watch as a "handheld device" after a Canadian student was ticketed for driving and using her Watch
May 30, 2018

Can you believe it's Hump Day already? Those 3-day holiday weekends make the work week fast, and we're going to give you three short news items to make your day go by even faster:

  • Apple is leasing even more industrial space in Santa Clara, CA, part of a huge expansion in the office and lab space that's located around the south Bay Area
  • We have some tips for you about iCloud Messages; how to turn it on and what is backed up by the new cloud service that showed up in iOS 11.4 yesterday
  • Want to watch Monday's keynote at the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference? We have tips on where you can stream the event
May 29, 2018

We hope the Memorial Day weekend was good for you! Today we have three small stories for you to listen to on the Apple World Today News Update podcast:

  • iOS 11.4 is available, with some new features and three major bug fixes that are sure to make a lot of users happy
  • Is your Uber driver creeping you out? The rideshare company has added a feature to its app to let riders call 911 with a single swipe and a tap
  • We speculate on what the addition of a third lens could do for the photographic capabilities of a 2019 iPhone
May 25, 2018

Friday at last! To end your week, we have stories about Apple retail stores, Apple employees at Display Week in LA, and some possible names for macOS 10.14:

  • The Pier Apple Store in Atlantic City, NJ will be closing soon due to a sharp decline in tourism and visitors to the city
  • A new, larger Apple retail outlet is nearing completion in Seattle's University Village shopping center
  • Some possible names for macOS 10.14 have surfaced in overseas trademark filings, including Sequoia, Mojave, Sonoma and Ventura
  • Apple employees were in evidence everywhere at Display Week in LA this week, checking out the latest display technologies and making presentations
May 24, 2018

Chain saws and wood chippers provide a cheery backdrop to today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast, with stories about expensive iPhone cases, a higher target price for Apple shares, a new camera app, and the case of the disappearing Vevo app...

  • Have $10,436 just laying around? You can blow that on a diamond-encrusted iPhone X case from luxury accessory manufacturer Hadoro
  • Morgan Stanley is bumping its stock target price for Apple from $200 to $214 based on future growth from Apple's services
  • Obscura 2 hit the App Store today, bringing with it a lot of new and updated features for the iPhone-toting photographer
  • Vevo won't be updating its apps or website any more, as the music video distributor is going "YouTube-only"
May 23, 2018

We're back for another day of news with the Apple World Today News Update Podcast:

  • Apple's offering a $50 credit to anyone who paid for an out-of-warranty battery placement for an iPhone 6 or newer device during 2017
  • A longtime Windows developer brings Frooty Loops to Mac
  • Seeing a lot of Apple Watches? It's not surprising -- Canalys says Apple sold an estimated 3.8 million Apple Watches in the first three months of 2018
  • Ground hasn't been broken for Foxconn's Wisconsin display factory, but now rumor has it that the company might produce smaller displays for Apple and automakers at the plant instead of TV displays
May 22, 2018

For this sunny (at least at Apple World Today HQ) day in May, we have four short news items that you'll find interesting:

  • Apple has announced the date and time of the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote. Expect to see new versions of every Apple operating system, as well as announcements of some other surprises...
  • Dropbox updated its iOS app today, adding a file activity notifications feature and a refreshed file preview design
  • Apple Pay may seem ubiquitous...but it falls behind the Starbucks app in terms of the number of users in the USA
  • The iPhone continues to dominate the United States smartphone market, with six of the top 10 smartphone models being from Apple
May 21, 2018

Welcome to another week of the Apple World Today News Update Podcast! Today we have stories about a real proposed "Apple Tax", a fun new "feature" in Google Maps, Apple slipping a spot in the Fortune 500, and a cool portable second monitor for MacBook and MacBook Pro users:

  • Cupertino is considering an employee head tax that would specifically target its biggest employer -- Apple
  • Want to drive a green pickup truck around the city? Google Maps for iOS adds that icon and two more to replace the familiar blue arrow
  • Apple's now number 4 on the Fortune 500 list, but it's still the most profitable company in the country
  • AOC's I1601FWUX portable USB-C monitor can make it easy and affordable for MacBook/MacBook Pro users to take a second monitor with them on the road
May 18, 2018

After a week off on a nice relaxing vacation, Steve's back with a jumbo-sized Apple World Today News Update podcast. Today we talk about privacy, a building resembling a huge iPod on a dock, and the goals of the nascent Developers Union:

  • Apple collects surprisingly little personal information on its customers, according to a ZDNet report who compared the small amount of mostly anonymous data collected on him by Apple to the huge files sent to him by Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • A new 24-story apartment building in Dubai is opening later this year. The design, which began in 2006 when iPods were the hot Apple product, resembles an iPod leaning on its charging and syncing dock
  • Developers who want more of a cut from Apple than the 70% of sales they already get are forming a "Developers Union". They also want Apple to allow free trial offers for any app.
May 11, 2018

Happy Friday! This will be the last AWT News Update podcast until next Friday, but we have some good news for you:

  • Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster thinks that "Apple as a Service" is the next big reason for investors to keep backing the company
  • A 76-year-old Hong Kong man is the latest to have his life saved by Apple Watch
  • Microsoft wants to work with Apple to get iMessages on Windows
May 10, 2018

It's a rather slow news day in the world of Apple, but we have a real estate story, some info about a new app that does something pretty amazing, and a rumor about the next-generation iPhone SE:

Eddy Cue is putting his vacation home near Lake Tahoe up for sale. Anyone with $11.9 million can get a nice home, and it's only three years old

Lost the prescription for your eyeglasses? If you have a pretty simple prescription, you can use a new app that will determine that prescription and help you buy new glasses online

More rumors are coming out about the iPhone SE 2, with an iPhone case maker saying it will resemble a small iPhone X complete with a notch at the top

May 8, 2018

Just a short podcast for you today, with a heartwarming FaceTime story, news from Google's tech conference this week, and an upcoming security update in iOS 11.4 that will make it even more difficult for law enforcement officers to get personal data off of iOS devices:

  • A soldier thought he was going to miss out on the birth of his daughter due to an early delivery and a flight delay. FaceTime saved the day
  • Google announces ML Kit, a machine learning software development kit that allows developers for iOS and Android to build machine learning enabled apps
  • iOS 11.4 will apparently have a new feature called USB Restricted Mode that will disable data transfer over USB if a device isn't unlocked after a week
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