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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Jan 31, 2018

We leave the month of January with an extended edition of the AWT News Update podcast:

  • Apple is crippling macOS Server later this spring and asking administrators to consider switching to open source versions of the apps that make up the server package
  • 18-core iMac Pros are on the way to some lucky folks who ordered the powerful computer
  • One feature to expect in Apple operating systems later this year is the ability for developers to easily port iOS apps to Mac, with iPad apps reportedly requiring little or no changes to run on macOS
  • Apple responds to SEC and DOJ investigations with a statement describing its intentions in throttling iPhone CPUs
Jan 30, 2018

Just a short little podcast for you today, giving you the 411 on HomePod, Apple Maps, and a proposed new Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona:

  • The upcoming HomePod smart speaker will apparently install updates through the Home app
  • Two new American cities are getting transit directions in Apple Maps: Omaha, Nebraska and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Architectural renderings of a proposed Apple retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona show a stunning external design
Jan 29, 2018

It's a quiet day for Apple news, so we've gathered up some stories that might make your day!

  • Virgin Mobile is selling "pre-loved" iPhone 7/7 Plus models at a significant discount, and you may be able to get a $1 per month trial plan for six months as a new user
  • A pair of Apple stores, one in Nashville and one near Seattle, will be closing next month for renovations and possible expansion
  • We have a list of the Apple Music services that will be supported by the HomePod once it's available on February 9
  • Apple's share price dropped today on rumors that the iPhone X isn't selling well and that the company might cut production of the high-end phone
Jan 26, 2018

For this last Friday of January 2018, we have a series of fun and informative stories for you:

  • Apple has created clever animoji ads for Sunday night's Grammy awards featuring the music of several of the nominees
  • Revenues from the iOS App Store are almost double that of Google's Play Store, even with fewer downloads for iOS apps
  • Apple's HomePod is now available for pre-order; we talk about some of the first review comments
  • TSMC broke ground on a new plant today that will build 5nm process chips for Apple
  • The iPhone SE 2 may roll out as soon as May or June of 2018, according to sketchy rumors from DigiTimes
Jan 25, 2018

Hang in there - it's almost Friday again. Today we look at some additional changes in the world of Apple that may be included in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update:

  • iOS 11.3's enabling of Advanced Mobile Location on iPhone is expected to save an additional 7,500 lives in Europe alone in the next 10 years
  • The unbundling of iTunes continues with the possible move of audiobooks to the new Books app that will arrive with iOS 11.3
  • A close look at iOS 11.3 code makes reference to a "Modern" iPad, which many are taking as a clue that Face ID will soon make it to the iPad Pro line
Jan 24, 2018

A short edition of the Apple World Today News Update podcast today:

  • Siri - a half-billion devices now use Apple's intelligent assistant, up almost 125 million from June of 2017
  • We look in detail at some of the new features expected in iOS 11.3 later this spring
Jan 23, 2018

Tuesday's been a relatively quiet day in the Apple world, but there's always something new to tell our listeners about:

  • We tell you about the main features of the new OS updates out today
  • Wacom announces a new stylus called the Bamboo Tip that's targeted at iOS devices and is half the price of the Apple Pencil
  • iPhone X sales were actually quite good in Apple's Q1 2018, countering idiotic rumors from last week that Apple might cancel the product
  • There's a "Double Feature" promotion going on in the iTunes movie store
Jan 22, 2018

Beat the Monday blues with a few upbeat stories on today's Apple World Today News Update podcast!

  • The new Apple Park campus is so large that the company is making 1,000 bicycles available for employees to get from place to place
  • Drone manufacturer DJI has the same problems Apple does in terms of having new products leaked
  • A developer beta of iOS 11.2.5 shows that HomePod owners will be able to disable Siri when desired
  • A glitch with Movies Anywhere made it possible for some iTunes users to get the movie "Thor:Ragnarok" one month before it's due to be released
Jan 18, 2018

Sorry we missed you yesterday (Wednesday)! We're back today with a quartet of short news stories from the world of Apple:

  • A researcher/developer had his app -- used to gather data on ISP throttling of video streams -- rejected by the App Store
  • Some Facebook Messenger users are reporting a bug that crashes the app after typing just a few words in a single line
  • Use SpotHero to pre-pay parking? Apple has a deal for you if you use Apple Pay as your SpotHero payment option
  • The GOP tax bill signed into law a few weeks ago is resulting in Apple adding almost $350 billion to the US economy, and employees are also getting a stock bonus
Jan 16, 2018

A smaller sensor notch in 2019, poor working conditions in a supplier's factory (or not), and the folks from Cupertino are pretty darned helpful to law enforcement:

  • A rumor has it that 2019 iOS devices may use a much more compact sensor for Face ID
  • Apple's own investigation seems to contradict a Bloomberg/China Labor Watch report that found bad working conditions at an Apple supplier's factory
  • The head of the California Division of the FBI loves Apple, as the company provides training to FBI and local law enforcement officials
  • Apple's Health app is being used as evidence in a German murder trial (hint: your heart rate climbs when you're trying to dispose of a body)
Jan 15, 2018

Can you believe we're already half way through January? We have some stories today to warm your heart during the cold weather:

  • The Apple App Store has a huge economic impact and will be larger than worldwide movie ticket sales later this year
  • A change in India's complex sourcing and taxation requirements today might make it easier for Apple and other multinational firms to open stores in the country
  • Holdout Toyota announced that starting with the 2019 Avalon, it will start support Apple CarPlay
Jan 12, 2018

Friday at last! Today we have stories about how "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson kept the screenplay safe, why you won't need to sign for Apple Pay purchases after April, and an interesting CarPlay app.

  • Rian Johnson ("The Last Jedi") used a remarkably low-tech method to keep the screenplay for the blockbuster movie safe from leaks
  • Visa joins the other major credit card companies in making signatures for chip card and contactless payments unnecessary after April
  • Gracenote's CarPlay app makes listening to radio stations easier, but it won't be in the App Store anytime soon
Jan 11, 2018

Today's podcast topics deal with history - the history of emoji on iPhones, the FBI's poor opinion of Apple's excellent encryption, and an IPO for a company that Steve Jobs once unsuccessfully tried to buy:

  • The designer of some of the first 500 emoji to be used on iPhones provides a ten-year retrospective on her work
  • An FBI forensic expert frustrated with Apple's encryption refers to the company as "jerks" and "evil geniuses"
  • Dropbox, the file-sharing powerhouse that Steve Jobs once referred to as a "feature, not a product", will be going public later this year
Jan 10, 2018

It's Hump Day™! As we reach the middle of this week, there's not a lot of news that we haven't covered elsewhere, but we still have two kinda creepy stories for you.

  • Remember the "FruitFly" malware that was infecting Macs last year? The hacker behind the attack has been indicted for not only his malware attacks and stealing data, but for child pornography as well
  • A second iPhone fire has occurred, this time in Spain. The uptick in incidents seems to be tied to the increase in iPhone battery replacements taking place due to Apple's discounted replacement plan
Jan 9, 2018

In the news today on the podcast -- Apple's ITP is choking online advertising firms, an overheated battery causes an evacuation at a Swiss Apple store, WPA3 is announced and may force Apple AirPort users to go elsewhere for Wi-Fi router equipment, and a tiny USB-C flash drive with a big capacity is displayed at CES:

  • "Hundreds of millions of dollars" are being lost by online advertising firms due to Apple's ITP feature in Safari
  • A Zurich, Switzerland Apple retail store was evacuated after an iPhone battery overheated and started filling the back of the store with smoke
  • WPA3 is announced, and will require hardware certification on new Wi-Fi routers -- most likely meaning that Apple AirPort routers will be left out
  • SanDisk shows off a tiny 1TB USB-C flash drive
Jan 8, 2018

Happy Monday! We have stories today about a survey showing that smart speaker users don’t use their smartphones as much, a rumor about an iPhone SE 2, and Intel being slapped with three lawsuits so far over the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

  • Accenture surveyed 2,271 smart speaker owners, and the majority of them say they’re not using their smartphones as much anymore
  • An Indian tech site says that an iPhone SE 2 will be released this year, complete with a glass back for wireless charging
  • Intel is facing class action lawsuits from three states so far alleging damages due to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
Jan 5, 2018

The first Friday of 2018 arrives with stories about ugly smart sunglasses, a tiny and fast Thunderbolt 3 SSD, and how Apple's App Store is making a huge amount of money:

  • Vuzix will be showing its Blade Augmented Reality Sunglasses at CES, which run Alexa and are...well...butt-ugly
  • Plugable announced the new Thunderbolt 3 4b0GB NVMe SSD, which is a perfect accessory for video editors on the move
  • Sensor Tower data shows just how large app sales have become for both Apple and Google 
Jan 4, 2018

A deal on grocery delivery from Apple and Instacart, a big win for TSMC, and it's been an interesting week for Spotify:

  • Pay for your grocery delivery via Instacart with Apple Pay, and Apple will pick up the delivery charges through January 10th
  • TSMC will reportedly build all of the A12 processors for this year's iPhones, edging out Samsung on what could be a huge order
  • Spotify has announced that it has 70 million paid subscribers, is filing for an IPO to go public, and might have to pay out $1.6 billion in a lawsuit
Jan 3, 2018

Augmented Reality isn't proving to be "the next big thing," Apple adds a news podcast feature to Siri in the newest iOS 11.2.5 beta, and Mophie creates a product that can keep a USB-C MacBook running for up to 15 hours over what the internal battery can offer:

  • A recent survey from Apptopia shows that developer interest in AR appears to be nearly nonexistent, with AR apps making up only about 0.03% of all apps in the App Store
  • Soon, you'll be able to ask Siri to "Give me the news" and get a short news digest podcast in return
  • Mophie's new Powerstation AC is going to be very popular with MacBook owners, as it can give the little laptop a total of over a day of battery life
Jan 2, 2018

Steve's back from vacation, so we start off the year with news on an Apple acquisition, conflicting Wall Street forecasts for Apple, a long-awaited iPhone X app update, and Google's most popular searches for last year:

  • Apple purchases Buddybuild, which makes continuous integration and debugging tools that will be built into Xcode
  • One pair of Wall Street analysts is forecasting low production and sales of iPhone X for the first fiscal quarter of 2018, others think the company is on its way to a $200 share price
  • DJI updates its drone app for the iPhone X
  • Slime, unicorns, memes and acronyms that defined 2017, as brought to you by Google
Dec 19, 2017

A website app gets banned from the App Store for just mentioning jailbreaking, iTunes Movies has 4K HDR bundles for Christmas, and a lot of new banks are supporting Apple Pay worldwide:

  • AppleInsider's app was updated for iPhone X...and then rejected from the App Store because a headline showed the word "jailbreaking"
  • Getting an Apple TV 4K for Christmas? There's a sale on 4K HDR bundles in the iTunes Movie store
  • Apple Pay expands to more banks and credit unions in the USA, as well as in China, Finland, France and Ireland
Dec 18, 2017

iPhone X availability rises, iPhone 6s devices with old batteries might be slowing down, and Apple raises iPhone prices in India in return for the country raising import taxes:

  • The iPhone X is now available same day at most US Apple retail stores, and production is going so well that global supply equilibrium is expected in the next month
  • Apple may be reducing the performance of iPhone 6s devices with degraded batteries to prevent shutdowns
  • India raised consumer electronics import taxes; Apple raises iPhone prices 
Dec 15, 2017

We have some short and sweet stories for this Friday afternoon, including word of a new space drama TV series ordered by Apple:

  • A Chinese woman has received two refunds for two iPhone Xs on which Face ID was unable to discern between her and her co-worker
  • Apple's bringing a concert film with former Oasis lead guitarist/vocalist Noel Gallagher to Apple Music soon
  • Apple has ordered a new space drama TV series from the man who was responsible for the very successful "Battlestar Galactica" reboot
  • A new Apple retail store will be (hopefully) opening in Seoul, South Korea by year end


Dec 14, 2017

A fascinating day for news about the iMac Pro, net neutrality, and a purchase that will make the Disney empire even larger than before:

  • Apple announces that any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider can add RAM to the iMac Pro
  • The FCC voted today to rescind the 2009 net neutrality laws
  • Disney will be purchasing most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion in stock, adding a huge amount of content to its holdings
Dec 13, 2017

Smaller chips, an updated app, and popular cameras are in our news today:

  • More efficient 7nm process chips may only be used by Apple and Samsung in 2018
  • The Iconfactory updates its classic Twitterrific app, with a change that uses less power on the iPhone X
  • Once again, the iPhone is the most-used camera brand on Flickr
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