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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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May 7, 2018

Another manic Monday, with AAPL zipping to a new high close. We have info about that and a lot more for you in today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast:

  • Apple is soliciting Apple Watch owners to join in on the Apple Heart Study being done in partnership with Stanford Medicine
  • The iMac turned 20 yesterday. The all-in-one is credited with beginning the turnaround in Apple's fortunes
  • iOS 13 rumors are beginning to seep out, and we haven't yet heard what's going to be in iOS 12
  • During trading today, Apple hit $187.67 per share. Warren Buffett would love to own all of Apple's stock...
May 4, 2018

May the Fourth Be With You! Today we've got four short news items to make your day:

  • Apple informs Windows users that the Texture app -- which it recently purchased -- will be retired on that platform on June 30
  • Shares in Apple almost made it to $184 per share today, reaching an all-time high of $183.99 at one point (this was before the close of the market...) and a market cap of about $932 billion
  • The Spanish-language People magazine's latest issue features 50 portraits and a cover photo, all done with the iPhone X
  • Facebook is looking into a subscription-based ad-free feed
May 3, 2018

We missed yesterday's podcast due to a conflict, but we're back today with all sorts of great news for you:

  • Yet another person can thank the Apple Watch for saving his life, after a New York man followed his Watch's advice to seek medical attention immediately after suffering from a ruptured ulcer
  • Just a reminder: your Mom wants flowers for Mother's Day on May 13th, and you can get some nice deals by using Apple Pay to pay for them
  • The big beneficiary of all of the negative news about Apple from Wall Street analysts during the past few months was Apple, which was able to buy up a record amount of its shares at a discount price
  • Apple's iPads are bucking the trend of shrinking tablet market share
May 1, 2018

It's May, time to start keeping an eye out for severe weather, mow your lawn, and get ready for summer coming next month. Today's stories:

  • The Apple Watch is credited with saving another life...but this time it wasn't the owner's heart that was having problems
  • Olloclip has released the Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X
  • The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet gets additional HealthKit and Apple Watch integration, and is available in Apple retail stores
  • The third betas of the latest versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS are now available to developers
Apr 30, 2018

Wow, this is the last Monday of the month of April, 2018...which will never be seen again. What happened on this unique date in history? 

  • A well-known Apple analyst steps down from his post, leaving a void in the world of Apple rumors
  • Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that they're engaged to be married. We're not sure when the nuptials will be held, but they're expecting a 5G network
  • Cross-platform writing app Bear got a nice update today, and you can now publish ebooks from Bear if that's what you want to do
Apr 27, 2018

Happy Friday! Today's podcast has a fun story about Apple's rumored AR/VR headset that may arrive in 2020, what Apple says you should look for in a Wi-Fi router now that it's no longer making them, and news about a fun Apple Music deal:

  • Dual 8K displays blasting your eyes with augmented or virtual reality? A WiGig connection to a powerful but lightweight computer? That's what may be in store for us in 2020 with Apple's rumored AR/VR headset
  • Apple has published a recommendation on what prospective Wi-Fi router buyers should look for
  • Apple's giving away another month of free music to those who have been on the three-month Apple Music trial but haven't signed up. The deal goes through May 27
Apr 26, 2018

It's Thursday, so we'll look at one throwback that failed, some updates to Apple Maps, and how Tim and Donald got along:

  • Apple Maps received some good updates during the month, including several indoor airport maps, lane guidance for some European countries, and public transit instructions for five US states
  • Tim Cook and Donald Trump had a productive meeting yesterday, with Cook lauding the tax cuts and tax reform, saying that Apple will be investing in the USA
  • Remember the flop that was Snapchat Spectacles? Well, Spectacles 2 are out today, with some new features that might make them popular.
Apr 25, 2018

Today's podcast has some bragging points for iOS device owners to lord over their Android-owning buddies, word about a new malware variant that's pretending to be an Adobe Flash Player installer, and your new Lexus may have Apple CarPlay (but no touchscreen):

  • 76% of all iOS devices are now running iOS 11 with another 19% running iOS 10. Compare that to the tiny 0.5% of all Android devices running Android 8.1 Oreo...
  • Malwarebytes found a nasty little malware variant that pretends to be an Adobe Flash Player installer. Hint - don't use Flash
  • The 2019 Lexus US luxury sedan will come with CarPlay, but uses a trackpad instead of a touchscreen as a user interface
Apr 24, 2018

We have some entertaining short news stories for you on today's podcast:

  • Verizon gains subscribers in the March quarter, most likely from the Apple Watch Series 3
  • Instagram has a new web tool for downloading all of your content; unfortunately, it was down at the time we broadcasted this!
  • Original Mac icon designer Susan Kare is in the news, winning a prestigious medal from the American Institute of Graphics Art and being called upon by Apple to testify on the company's behalf in the Samsung damages retrial
  • Amazon can already get into your house if you let they are expanding that capability to cars
Apr 23, 2018

Happy Monday! Cheer up, buttercup, there's lots of good news from the world of Apple today:

  • Have the Kindle reader app for iPhone or iPad? Good, because it is World Book Day and Amazon wants to give you some free books to celebrate
  • Two new Apple ads use light-hearted imagery to convince Android users that it might be a really good idea to switch to iPhone
  • HomeKit fans in the US can now purchase the first HomeKit-compatible window air conditioner available in the country; just don't expect to get a bargain price on it
  • Does it seem like everyone loves the iPhone X? A survey by Creative Strategies shows that it's extremely popular with the early adopters and has a very high satisfaction rate
  • Snapseed has been update for the iPhone X
Apr 20, 2018

It's finally Friday, and Apple's probably glad that the stock exchanges are closed for two days after negative analyst reports pushed the company's shares -- and the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- lower. Other news for this Friday:

  • Developers who have apps featured in the iOS 11 App Store see huge increases in downloads, according to data from research firm Sensor Tower
  • Several questionable "supply chain reports" from Wall Street analysts have driven Apple's share price down almost $13 a share in three days
  • AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced a new skinny streaming service called AT&T Watch while testifying in the antitrust case against his company over the proposed acquisition of Time Warner
Apr 19, 2018

Wow, lots of interesting news in the world of Apple today (except for AAPL's share price tanking, but...) -- Apple's environmental report for 2017 shows significant progress, FoundationDB goes open source, there's good news for snorers, and don't tear apart an iMac Pro and expect Apple to repair it...

  • Apple is making good progress on all environmental fronts, including a goal to plan to eventually eliminate the need for mining for materials for its products
  • Apple's FoundationDB is now open source, so perhaps developers can add the Dropbox-like sharing functionality to it that we need
  • Keep waking up your partner with your snoring? Sleep Cycle will now wake you up with a tap on the wrist from an Apple Watch, so you can change position and hopefully stop snoring
  • A YouTube vlogger is griping that Apple won't repair the iMac Pro that he tore apart for an online review
Apr 18, 2018

It's hump day, and the week is all downhill from here... Today we have a few stories dealing with competition in the smartphone and smart speaker markets:

  • A head-to-head comparison of the iPhone X and Google's Pixel 2 results in a solid win for the iPhone X...but not for Siri
  • A Wall Street analyst thinks Apple is working on a cheaper version of the HomePod due to lagging sales
  • That same analyst foresees dual-SIM versions of the iPhone coming later this year, both on a less expensive LCD phone and a larger iPhone X
  • The continuing lawsuit battle between Qualcomm and Apple is starting to hurt Qualcomm badly, with rumors of layoffs at the San Diego-based chipmaker


Apr 17, 2018

Happy Tax Day in the USA! We hope you got your taxes early this year and didn't wait until today to file, because the IRS electronic filing system had issues earlier today... Our stories today include that, and:

  • If you filed your federal taxes earlier in the year, you can celebrate tonight by watching AWT TV, live at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET on the AWT Facebook page
  • Otterbox has release three new cases in honor of the upcoming Star Wars film "Solo: A Star Wars Story". Hint: The Millennium Falcon case is really nice...
  • More evidence that the iPhone X has been a success - the model alone accounted for 35% of the profits for the entire cellular handset industry in the two months it was was available in 2017
Apr 16, 2018

Welcome to another week in the weather-wacky month of April. Today we talk about a new feature that may be on the way to watchOS, how quickly a law enforcement tool called GrayKey can crack iOS passcodes, and ponder Apple's next exercise challenge:

  • watchOS 5 may come with support for third-party watch faces...or not
  • Grayshift's GrayKey box can break your four-digit passcode in about 6 minutes, 30 if you're a criminal it might help to give your iPhone a long, complex alphanumeric passcode
  • There's an Earth Day exercise challenge coming up
Apr 13, 2018

On today's Friday the 13th edition of the Apple World Today News Update podcast, we use our crystal ball to look at a possible feature for macOS 10.14, report on the FBI being questioned by lawmakers about why they hassled Apple, and have photos of an unreleased gold iPhone X:

  • In a little less than two months, macOS 10.14 will be unveiled. We speculate on whether the popular Workflow app for iOS will be released in a version for macOS
  • A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to know why the FBI took Apple to court regarding the unlocking of an iPhone used by a killer in the 2015 San Bernardino shootings...when it didn't need to
  • The FCC (of all places) releases photos of a gold iPhone X, something that was never released
Apr 12, 2018

Welcome back - the podcast skipped a day yesterday, as Steve was taking advantage of warm Spring weather and enjoying some downtime with his wife. We have three short news items for your listening pleasure on today's Apple World Today News Update podcast:

  • iMovie for iOS got an update today, adding iPhone X screen support and adopting Apple's Metal graphics processing framework, among other improvements
  • The HomePod isn't selling well; Bloomberg feels that it's the lack of Siri smarts and the price tag that are hurting the smart speaker, not the speaker's great sound
  • Today's the day Apple started warning Mac users about the impending incompatibility of 32-bit apps
Apr 10, 2018

The AWT News Update podcast will be "off the air" tomorrow, but we'll be back on Thursday. Today's stories:

  • Instagram adds new features to its iOS apps that add a depth of field focusing capability and an @mention sticker
  • Vimeo hits the Mac App Store with a native client that adds functionality to Final Cut Pro for easier publishing of video to the service
  • Facebook attempts to "save Face" with a new Data Abuse Bounty program that awards those with first-hand info about Facebook apps abusing Facebook policies or selling user data
Apr 9, 2018

Three stories headline our short, fast and fun podcast today:

  • Microsoft Office for iOS gains the ability to open Office documents that are stored in Files
  • PayPal is becoming a bank...without going through the usual hassles associated with becoming a bank
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has signed off of Facebook, citing the social network's policy of making money off of user's personal information as his reason
Apr 5, 2018

Just a note - we'll be taking a "sick day" tomorrow to go to a MLB game, so there will not be an Apple World Today News Update podcast tomorrow (April 6). Today we have a few stories about some of Apple's future directions:

  • Apple's Pro Workflow Team could be one of the most important and useful groups for the near future, working on fine-tuning Mac hardware and software for the creative pro market
  • We take a look at MicroLED technology, where it's most likely to be used first at Apple, what companies Apple is partnering with, and talk about a product about two years out that could benefit from this display tech
Apr 4, 2018

Apple Music keeps getting more popular, Scanbot turns 7, and macOS 10.13.4 breaks some apps and accessories:

  • Apple Music now has 40 million paid subscribers, showing solid growth and a lot of potential
  • iOS paper scanning and storage app Scanbot has been great in the past, with the release of Scanbot 7 today it gets even better
  • Oops. macOS 10.13.4 may have added eGPU support, but it also broke screen extender apps like Duet Display and Air Display, as well as USB DisplayLink monitors and docks


Apr 3, 2018

Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast has substantially more content than yesterday's "short edition". Stories today include a look at some of Intel's new Core processors that could be used in a 2018 MacBook Pro update, scheduling of the Q2 2018 earnings call, and some concern from the Wall Street Journal about a "nagging badge" for Apple Pay:

  • The Intel Core i9-8950HK could be a powerhouse for a 15-inch MacBook Pro BTO option, but it doesn't support LPDDR4 RAM...
  • It's hard to believe, but we're already in Apple's third fiscal quarter of 2018. We'll find out how they did in Q2 on May 1st.
  • The WSJ seems to be concerned about a red badge that hounds users unmercifully about Apple Pay if they don't choose to "Setup later in Wallet"
Apr 2, 2018

We have a rather short Apple World Today News Update podcast for you on this Slow News Monday™. 

  • Bloomberg's "educated rumor" that Apple might be moving to its own Mac CPUs in 2020 caused Intel's share price to take a sharp drop today
  • Want a smartphone that lasts longer than just about any other? Get an iPhone 8 Plus
Mar 30, 2018

It's the last day of March, the day before a holiday weekend, and the first weekend of Major League Baseball for 2018. We'll end the week with three stories:

  • Drones were used to help 26 smugglers move almost $80 million worth of refurbished iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  • MyFitnessPal reported a huge data breach affecting 150 million users; if you've ever used MyFitnessPal, change your password immediately
  • macOS 10.13.4 brings external GPU support to the Mac platform for the first time, and we tell you which eGPU chassis are approved for use
Mar 29, 2018

Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast features stories that will be of interest to people with big forearms, those who keep their iPads plugged in all the time, and potential murderers:

  • Apple's coming out with a larger version of the Sport Loop Apple Watch Band, perfect for those with monstrous forearms
  • The iOS 11.3 update includes a new feature to help battery health on iPads that are plugged in all the time
  • Heart rate data from an Apple Watch is being used as key evidence in an Australian murder trial
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