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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Dec 19, 2017

A website app gets banned from the App Store for just mentioning jailbreaking, iTunes Movies has 4K HDR bundles for Christmas, and a lot of new banks are supporting Apple Pay worldwide:

  • AppleInsider's app was updated for iPhone X...and then rejected from the App Store because a headline showed the word "jailbreaking"
  • Getting an Apple TV 4K for Christmas? There's a sale on 4K HDR bundles in the iTunes Movie store
  • Apple Pay expands to more banks and credit unions in the USA, as well as in China, Finland, France and Ireland
Dec 18, 2017

iPhone X availability rises, iPhone 6s devices with old batteries might be slowing down, and Apple raises iPhone prices in India in return for the country raising import taxes:

  • The iPhone X is now available same day at most US Apple retail stores, and production is going so well that global supply equilibrium is expected in the next month
  • Apple may be reducing the performance of iPhone 6s devices with degraded batteries to prevent shutdowns
  • India raised consumer electronics import taxes; Apple raises iPhone prices 
Dec 15, 2017

We have some short and sweet stories for this Friday afternoon, including word of a new space drama TV series ordered by Apple:

  • A Chinese woman has received two refunds for two iPhone Xs on which Face ID was unable to discern between her and her co-worker
  • Apple's bringing a concert film with former Oasis lead guitarist/vocalist Noel Gallagher to Apple Music soon
  • Apple has ordered a new space drama TV series from the man who was responsible for the very successful "Battlestar Galactica" reboot
  • A new Apple retail store will be (hopefully) opening in Seoul, South Korea by year end


Dec 14, 2017

A fascinating day for news about the iMac Pro, net neutrality, and a purchase that will make the Disney empire even larger than before:

  • Apple announces that any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider can add RAM to the iMac Pro
  • The FCC voted today to rescind the 2009 net neutrality laws
  • Disney will be purchasing most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion in stock, adding a huge amount of content to its holdings
Dec 13, 2017

Smaller chips, an updated app, and popular cameras are in our news today:

  • More efficient 7nm process chips may only be used by Apple and Samsung in 2018
  • The Iconfactory updates its classic Twitterrific app, with a change that uses less power on the iPhone X
  • Once again, the iPhone is the most-used camera brand on Flickr
Dec 12, 2017

Our top news stories for Apple fans today:

  • The new iMac Pro is coming on December 14, and it features a piece of custom hardware called the Apple T2 chip
  • Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago will be expanding Apple's Everyone Can Code curriculum
  • Have a drone you fly with your iPhone or iPad? If it meets certain conditions, it will need to be registered with the FAA under new legislation
Dec 11, 2017

A light news day today after the big stories about Shazam, macOS 11.3.3 beta, and so on.

  • Three US airlines are banning "smart luggage", luggage with lithium-ion battery packs built-in
  • A fake cryptocurrency app was removed from the App Store after the operators of a legitimate Ethereum wallet service complained to Apple about the fake
  • Beginning in April of 2018, US and Canadian citizens will no longer need to sign for purchases made with American Express, MasterCard or Discover debit and credit cards...or Apple Pay payments made with those cards
Dec 8, 2017

We've been on hiatus this week due to an illness in the family, but we're back today with some interesting and fun news in the world of Apple:

  • Apple's attempt to ban spam or nonfunctional apps from the App Store is hurting legitimate businesses and a CA congressman is asking them to reconsider
  • iMore's Rene Ritchie shared a fun little Easter egg in an Apple app
  • Have SiriusXM in your car or office? You can now use your subscription to stream all 200+ channels to your Apple TV
Dec 4, 2017

Tax protestors, OS updates, Target apps, and survey results are all in the headlines today's episode of the Apple World Today News Update.

  • French anti-globalization protestors occupy a Paris Apple store today demanding that the company pay EU back taxes
  • iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2 have arrived!
  • Target introduces an in-house mobile payment system in its iOS app
  • A Barclays survey sounds bullish on Apple
Dec 1, 2017

Wow, it's December already? We have a trio of time-related stories for you today that all have to do with things that should happen by the end of the year:

  • Apple let developers know that they need to submit only 64-bit Mac apps to the Mac App Store starting January 1st
  • Remember the promise from Amazon that the Prime Video app would be available for tvOS by the end of the year? TidBITS blogger Josh Centers says they're still promising the release by the end of December
  • Expect iOS 11.2 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 to show up soon -- like next week. The sixth beta shipped to developers today
Nov 30, 2017

A few interesting stories for you on this last day of November:

  • Apple releases yet another macOS update, this one to fix a bug introduced by yesterday's update
  • Taylor Swift fans should be happy to hear that they'll be able to stream the new "reputation" album starting at midnight tonight on Spotify and Apple Music. Yay.
  • Google Maps for iOS was updated today to take advantage of all the screen space on the iPhone X
  • The SiriusXM app for iOS now supports CarPlay, perfect for those who may not have a SiriusXM receiver in their vehicle
Nov 29, 2017

On today's podcast, we applaud Turkish developer Lemi Ergin for "outing" the macOS High Sierra root authentication bug, talk about an upcoming art exhibit featuring ARKit content, and have news about the new Sports section in the TV app for iOS and tvOS:

  • No good deed goes unpunished, with a lot of developers criticizing Lemi Ergin for publicly tweeting about the root authentication bug to get Apple's attention
  • At the start of Miami's Art Week on December 5, the Perez Art Museum Miami will open an exhibit that uses Apple hardware, software, and development tools to emphasize the impact of invasive species
  • The latest betas of iOS and tvOS feature the long-awaited Sports section in the TV app
Nov 28, 2017

It's a buggy world after all! On today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast, we have news about some bugs that have worked their way into iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra:

  • Would you believe I.T.? An iOS bug is causing the word "it" to be autocorrected to "I.T."
  • A newly-discovered flaw in macOS High Sierra gives anyone the capability of signing onto a Mac using the username "root" and no password!
  • One of the Australian banks that wanted access to the NFC chips in Apple devices for its own wallet app has now embraced Apple Pay
Nov 27, 2017

Welcome to Cyber Monday! Today's podcast give you a quick hint on one place you can find some great deals, and then recounts some of the Apple news for the day:

  • Apple released four new TV ads today, all of which focus on iPhone X, Face ID and Animoji
  • Four cities around the world will honor the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers with sketch walks provided by Apple retail stores in those locales
  • A new Apple store will open in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday. Remember, you can usually get free and special commemorative t-shirts at store openings!
  • A Japanese Mac blog says that Apple may be opening more stores in Kyoto and Tokyo in the next three years
Nov 24, 2017

Today's Black Friday edition of the AWT News Update is short and sweet, with a few fun news items for you to digest along with yesterday's turkey:

  • Apple began selling the iPhone X in 14 new markets today, bringing the total number of countries where the new phone is available up to 71
  • There's still time to take advantage of Apple's Black Friday shopping event, where you'll get gift cards up to $150 in value with your purchase of Apple gear
  • Apple opened its first re-designed retail store in Australia today, a new store replacing the 9-year-old Chadstone location in Melbourne
Nov 22, 2017

A short podcast today, the day before a national holiday in the USA. We talk about where to watch huge balloons careening around the streets of Manhattan online, iPhones made in India, and a Jony Ive talk that you can't attend:

  • Want to watch a mammoth balloon of Olaf from Frozen online instead of standing in the streets of NYC? We tell you who will probably have the parade available on your Mac, iOS devices or Apple TV
  • A new iPhone SE could be out in the next three to four months, and this one will be manufactured in India
  • Jony Ive will be speaking at Washington, DC's Hirshorn Museum, but tickets to the talk will be harder to come by than an iPhone X
Nov 21, 2017

We've got all sorts of fun stories for you today...and even a few ideas for Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals:

  • Sonnet is selling the "eGFX Breakaway Box - Developer Edition" (AKA Apple External Graphics Development Kit) for $100, and you don't need to be a developer to get one
  • Quartz finds out that Android devices gather location data even with location services turned off, when apps aren't being used, and even without a SIM installed
  • Google's Fuchsia OS is being designed so that Swift apps can run on the OS
  • Gamevice announces that its controller for iPhone and iPad is now fully compatible with the DJI Spark drone
Nov 20, 2017

As we start the week of Black Friday and Thanksgiving, we have some fascinating news bits for you:

  • An anonymous Apple blogger says the iMac Pro has some sort of "Find My iMac Pro theft protection" that can't be switched off, possibly including a built-in SIM card for calling home
  • The iMac Pro is also set to have an A10 Fusion chip built in for "Hey, Siri" support
  • The Apple TV app is set to gain live streaming ESPN sports when it's introduced on December 4 in iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2
  • Google likes Apple's location for its second Danish data center so much it bought land next door
Nov 17, 2017

A very light news day today, so you'll be able to listen to this podcast quickly on your way to drinks with your buddies!

  • The new Apple Park Visitor's Center opened to the public today, complete with swag you can buy
  • Tesla introduces a set of new products that could be very useful to iPhone users
  • Developer betas of iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2 and tvOS 11.2 are out
Nov 16, 2017

5G cell phone modems, keyboard controllers, and questionable "inventions" make it to the Apple World Today News Update podcast:

  • Intel outlines its new modem chip roadmap, including 5G NR modems that could be used in Apple products by 2019-2020
  • IK Multimedia announced two new keyboard controllers for use with iOS, Mac, and Windows
  • We take a jaundiced look at some of the other items on Time's "25 best inventions of 2017" list
Nov 15, 2017

On today's Apple World Today News Update podcast, we have news of a couple of deals that you might want to take advantage of before Black Friday next week:

  • DirecTV Now will be offering a free 32GB Apple TV 4K if you prepay for 4 months of the service
  • The iPhone X is now shipping in 2 to 3 weeks...which could be good or bad news
  • Apple retail stores are selling an Alpine White DJI Mavic Pro drone combo for $1049.95, and it's a pretty good deal
  • GymKit is starting to roll out at a group of fitness centers in Australia
Nov 14, 2017

A Tuesday in November with no Apple events in the foreseeable future means...a short Apple World Today New Update podcast!

  • Steven Soderbergh has filmed a full-length movie to be released in March of 2018...on an iPhone
  • Mozilla released Firefox Quantum today, and it's getting rave reviews for speed, RAM usage and privacy. It's available for Mac and iOS
  • Have an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? iOS 11.2 beta 3 switched on 7.5W wireless charging on the devices, which speeds up charging time considerably
Nov 13, 2017

Welcome to another week! We have all of the fun stories to make your afternoon or evening more enjoyable, and it takes less than five minutes to hear 'em all. 

  • Inventec's president says that "future smart speakers will have facial and image recognition"
  • A California-based kiteboarder gets rescued after a couple Apple Watch Series 3 calls
  • YouTube's working on fixing a bug in its iOS app
  • iOS 11.2 beta 3 provides explanatory dialogs for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Center
Nov 10, 2017

It's a Slow News Friday™ but we still have news for you about several Apple store renovations that are complete, green lines on the edges of iPhone X displays, and spoofing Face ID

  • Burlingame and Burlington -- two cities on opposite sides of the US -- will see newly renovated Apple retail stores next week
  • A tiny fraction of iPhone X screens are displaying a thin green line on either side
  • Vietnamese security firm Bkav says they can spoof Face ID with a sophisticated 3D mask
Nov 9, 2017

The road to a $1 trillion company, an interview with Jony Ive, and the opening of the Apple Park Visitor Center all make today's news on the Apple World Today News Update Podcast:

  • Apple closed for the second day at a share price that gives the company a market cap of over $900 billion
  • Jony Ive talks with Wallpaper* about the iPhone X and Apple Park from a designer's viewpoint
  • Cupertino residents get a special preview of Apple Park's Visitor Center next Thursday
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