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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Mar 31, 2017

Welcome to Friday, World Backup Day and the day before the dreaded April Fools' Day. We have some real news stories for you today on the podcast to offset those reports you'll see this weekend:

  • Verizon is said to be working on a streaming TV service to be introduced this summer
  • Apple's touting April as Autism Awareness Month with an app collection and specially designed Field Trips
  • Barclays analysts think that the top-end iPhone coming out later this year may include front and back "structured light" cameras with custom 3D sensors
Mar 30, 2017

Today's news covers the spectrum from a change at Apple retail outlets to social networks to USB problems with macOS 10.12.4:

  • Apple is apparently eliminating business-related positions at Apple retail outlets by the end of April
  • Twitter makes a change that allows those obnoxious political screeds to be even longer by no longer counting user names in replies towards the 140-character limit
  • Facebook adds a personal fundraiser feature
  • USB problems with 10.12.4 appear to be causing issues for a lot of people using USB headsets (and microphones!)
Mar 29, 2017

A thank you, a new iPad app that's long overdue, a record high, custom app icons, Facebook VR and just a tiny bit of schadenfreude...

  • We've hit another record month in listenership. THANKS!
  • Google released its Calendar app for iPad...finally
  • AAPL shares closed today at $144.12
  • MLB and NHL apps now offer custom team app icons under iOS 10.3
  • Facebook goes VR with 360-degree live streaming for everybody
  • Samsung has another fiery experience the day before the Galaxy 8 was unveiled
Mar 28, 2017

More updates after the updates, a security whitepaper, and a great way to start weeding out 32-bit iOS apps:

  • One day after swamping the internet with OS updates, Apple releases developer betas of new updates to its operating systems
  • Want to know what makes Apple device security so good? There's a whitepaper that just got published that gives the details on how they do it
  • 32-bit apps are going away later this year. Here's how to start getting them off of your iOS devices
Mar 27, 2017

Monday brought us a bumper crop of updates for operating systems and apps:

  • Remember to join us for AWT TV tonight at 6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET
  • iOS has been updated to version 10.3, changing all iOS devices to the new AFPS file system. Hear about the other OS changes for Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
  • Apple developers have until Friday morning to sign up for the WWDC ticket lottery
  • Facebook Messenger for iOS adds a live location sharing feature
Mar 24, 2017

We're going into the weekend with a bit of news; some of it is upbeat, while some should be taken seriously:

  • Apple has added over 30 more financial institutions to its list of Apple Pay providers
  • A second update of iTunes 12.6 was released this week after a non-functional control was spied by a number of users. That control could be pointing to a future profiles functionality for Apple Music
  • ZDNet confirms that at least some of the iCloud credentials being held for ransom by the so-called "Turkish Crime Family" hacker group are valid -- it's time to change your iCloud password if you haven't lately
Mar 23, 2017

Another short news update today, with word of a scary (but hopefully no longer extant) CIA hack and good news about the iPhone that's expected to be released this fall:

  • WikiLeaks details Mac and iPhone hacks. The Mac hacks are enough to give you nightmares...
  • Barclay's analysts agree that the new iPhone with the 5.8-inch OLED display will come out in September, but in limited quantities


Mar 22, 2017

Due to a test video broadcast that was going on earlier this afternoon, this is an abbreviated news update:

  • On Monday night, March 27, we'll start our live streaming video show -- AWT TV. Details are forthcoming regarding where you'll be able to watch and chat.
  • Google updated its Photos app today, putting emphasis on backup and sharing over slow connections
  • Google also announced that its iOS Maps app will soon have a real-time location sharing function similar to Apple's Find My Friends
Mar 21, 2017

Other than the rather mundane updates made by Apple early this morning, there wasn't a lot of Apple news for today:

  • Apple's announcements were...underwhelming to say the least
  • We have a story about Apple and AT&T cracking a case in which a tweet was used to induce a seizure in an epileptic journalist
  • Tim Cook's in China, having attended an economic forum over the weekend and visiting companies this week
Mar 20, 2017

Today's news is seemingly all about competition:

  • Apple's possibly announcing new products tomorrow morning, as the online store and some other services are shut down from 3 AM - 8:30 AM ET. Could it be new iPads or Macs? Or just maintenance?
  • Apple's buddy SoftBank apparently yanked a $100 million investment from Essential, the new smartphone startup created by Android creator Andy Rubin
  • Microsoft wants Mac users to switch to Surface so badly that it has created a migration tool to speed up the process
  • Siri is going to get even more competition in the AI realm, this time from Samsung's Bixby
Mar 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Today we look at ways that Apple is planning on staying "in the green" by expanding sales in two of the planet's most populous countries:

  • Apple will restart sales of iPhones in Indonesia in about two weeks following promises to build an R&D center in Jakarta
  • Over 100 small franchised Apple Authorized Retailer locations are expected to open in India 
Mar 16, 2017

Steve was out making some tax accountants rich today, so we have a short version of the AWT News Update for your listening pleasure:

  • Swatch announces plans to create its own open-source smartwatch OS
  • Get an iPhone 7 Plus "Retro Edition" for only $1,899! It looks surprisingly similar to many Apple products of the 1980s
  • Alexa has sneaked onto your iPhone, provided you're using the Amazon app
Mar 15, 2017

Kind of a slow news day today...but we've got three interesting little stories for you anyway:

  • The battle between Apple and a cartel of Australian banks continues over control of the iPhone's NFC chip
  • McDonald's will be rolling out a new app to allow pre-ordering and pre-payment of food prior to arrival at a restaurant
  • First they thought the iPhone 8 would have a curved OLED screen, then a flat OLED screen. Now the rumor is that it will be curved, but not insanely so
Mar 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day! We're hoping that you do something irrational today, like subscribe to the AWT News Update podcast or even become a Team AWT member:

  • Samsung plays catch-up to Apple in terms of smartphone security updates
  • Russia rules that Apple engaged in price fixing for iPhones
  • You've heard of Apple Park, but what about Apple Campus 3 at Central & Wolfe in Sunnyvale, CA?
  • A working Apple-1 computer is up for auction
Mar 13, 2017

The week starts off with a bang in Apple news, with the sixth betas of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 arriving and possibly pointing to...

  • A release of new iPad models that could happen as early as next week
  • Apple releases a playful new ad featuring iMessages stickers
  • As noted by Apple World Today on Saturday, Apple could be funding development of a Boeing internet satellite constellation
  • Apple updates its web page listing compatible HomeKit accessories
Mar 10, 2017

We get an unexpected visit from Alexa during today's podcast, which is rather short due to a paucity of interesting Apple-related news:

  • The Microsoft Cortana app for iPhone gets a significant upgrade
  • The Japanese government may step in and block some Apple suppliers from South Korea and Taiwan from the auction of Toshiba's memory unit
  • Familiar with the Apple Store app? It received an update today, but we just want to remind you that the app exists...
Mar 9, 2017

We have news from around the world of Apple today, including how a nearby neighbor has scaled back headquarters building plans and more:

  • Google's grandiose plans for a huge, glass-enclosed "city" as a corporate campus have been drastically scaled back
  • Apple retail stores in Jacksonville, FL, Nanjing, China, and Grand Rapids, Michigan are either opening soon or are in the planning loop for expansion
  • Apple Genius Bar employees will no longer get the opportunity to travel to the "mothership" for hands-on training


Mar 8, 2017

The Apple World Today news podcast runs the gamut today from sending money with Siri to taking piano lessons with an iPad:

  • Honda announced that two new vehicles to be show next month at the New York International Auto Show will support Apple CarPlay
  • RBC customers can make money transfers with Siri after an app update
  • More betas arrived today, including those for iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2...and Xcode 8.3 as well
  • A new iPad app called Skoove can interactively teach you piano, and it even listens to your progress
Mar 7, 2017

We have some fascinating Apple news bits for you today, including our very own rumor about the next Apple event!

  • Apple released the fifth developer beta of macOS 10.12.4 today, so expect to see the final version released in the relatively near future
  • Some rumors swirling around forced us to create our own rumor, that the iPad event we're expecting will be held on April 4, 2017
  • WikiLeaks dumps a new bunch of files, this time stating that the CIA has a team that's dedicated to iPhone penetration and that they've "lost control" of the tools they have
Mar 6, 2017

Steve's finally back from yet another vacation, which means that for the foreseeable future you'll be getting a podcast almost every weekday. Today we get back into the swing of things with three stories:

  • Adobe releases new versions of the Lightroom apps for iOS, adding "Authentic HDR" for creating true RAW HDR images
  • Steve Jobs initially thought the idea of the Apple Store Genius Bar was "idiotic"
  • A new battery technology could greatly increase battery life, decrease charging times, and make for much safer lithium-ion batteries