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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Mar 31, 2016

Our news from the world of Apple includes a bit about the new iPhone SE, how to get great inexpensive LTE coverage when traveling overseas, and early birthday greetings to our favorite fruit company.

  • The best place to buy an iPhone SE may be at your local Apple Store, not online
  • Here's a way to use your new iPad Pro overseas with a cellular data plan
  • Happy 40th birthday to Apple (tomorrow)!
Mar 30, 2016

A rather slow day in the Apple news world, which is why we're bringing you up to date on some new things happening here at Apple World Today:

  • AWT will be announcing a new patron program soon, providing more goodies for those who keep the site running through their support
  • Be sure to support this week's sponsor, too -- Ulysses is a powerful cross-platform writing tool
  • Apple World Today reviews start showing up in Apple's News app -- and they look great!
  • Did you make an early order for an iPhone SE or 9.7-inch iPad Pro? Deliveries start tomorrow
Mar 29, 2016

Today's news:

  • The Maps "Nearby" feature now works in a few more countries around the world, Flyover is added to some cities, and we tell you how to use Nearby on the Apple Watch
  • Nintendo's Miitomo app is on its way to the USA this Thursday
  • The new Apple Store design sounds like a winner, and we tell you about some of the features you'll find in the design that's being rolled out not only at new locations, but in renovated stores as well
Mar 28, 2016

It's technological disaster day, but we still managed to get a podcast out. Today's stories:

  • There's a problem some people are having with iOS 9.3 and web links
  • Our web hosting provider had issues part of the day today, so we apologize for any slow loading pages you may have encountered
  • Facebook Messenger may become a way to buy products and services, and Apple Pay may be part of that solution
Mar 25, 2016

As you'd expect for the Friday before a holiday weekend, it's quite the slow news day in the world of Apple. We have a few stories for you, though:

  • The cost of out-of-warranty repairs for the Apple Watch Sport Edition has dropped
  • Want one of the new Apple Watch bands as soon as possible? Try buying the band online, then pick it up locally at your nearby Apple Store
  • Apple has asked the feds for a delay in another request for iPhone data, based on the government's recent disclosure that it has retained the services of an Israeli smartphone forensic technology company in order to get information from a San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone
Mar 24, 2016

There's an eclectic mix of news today from the world of Apple:

  • Apple is working with Will.I.Am and two veteran TV producers on a series about the app economy
  • The "little" iPhone SE scores big in the Wall Street Journal's tests of battery life on new smartphones
  • Microsoft's "Tay" AI learns a lot of bad habits from Twitter users and is pulled offline
  • The news that Apple Pay may be integrated into shopping websites caused PayPal's stock to suffer a bit in morning trading
Mar 23, 2016

In the midst of a nice spring blizzard in Colorado, AWT publisher/editor Steve Sande brings you three fun stories from the world of Apple:

  • An early entrant in the smartwatch market is laying off 25% of its staff
  • A number of car manufacturers at the 2016 New York International Auto Show announce the latest models that will be equipped with Apple's CarPlay
  • There's something new and different you can do with an iPad equipped with iOS 9.3. Hint - it's really loud and very impressive!
Mar 22, 2016

The AWT News Update is back to normal mode today, with a few followup stories from yesterday's torrent of product announcements and operating system updates:

  • YouTube for iOS gets an update that provides some iOS 9 multitasking support, but not the one feature that everyone wanted
  • The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has a few shortcomings compared to its big brother, despite the fact that both devices use the same processors
  • In case you thought yesterday's OS X update was a bit wimpy, you weren't looking at the security updates that were included
  • Ever heard of an embedded SIM? That new iPad Pro has one, and it points to a future free from swapping or removing SIM cards


Mar 21, 2016

Today's AWT News Update is huuuuuge. From Apple's environmental initiatives to the new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, to all of the many operating system updates Apple made today, it's good to see that the company is firing on all cylinders.

The event today is the last that will be held in the Town Hall auditorium at 4 Infinite Loop, so that's obviously where Apple got the name for the event "Let us loop you in". Starting next year, Apple will have its events in a new 1,000-seat auditorium on the grounds of Campus 2; in the meanwhile, the company will use other venues for product announcements. 

If you'd like more detail on any of the announcements made today, be sure to visit Apple World Today at and scroll through the numerous posts from today.

Mar 18, 2016

It's the last work day before Apple's announcement event on Monday, and there's still time to get some rumors and news in...

  • Battery photos show that the iPhone 7 may have more battery capacity than the iPhone 6s
  • An app update confirms that the new iPads announced on Monday will support the Apple Pencil
  • Twitter says the 140-character limit is here to stay, and that they don't censor users
Mar 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In our roundup of news today there's a lot of talk of "the green" -- payments and money, that is. 

  • Not many of those chip-and-pin EMV terminals that we were hoping to use Apple Pay with are actually in use
  • The CEO of a French mobile carrier provides hope that Apple may be opening up third-party access to the iPhone's NFC chip
  • Ride many, pay one. Uber creates family profiles
  • Apple's lowering its data bill by moving some services from Amazon Web Services to the Google Cloud Platform


Mar 16, 2016

Get today's top Apple news stories in just three minutes:

  • Imagine an Apple Watch band that can tell you of impending heart issues; it's on the way
  • Shares of AAPL rose this morning after an RBC Capital Markets analyst said he thinks that the new 4-inch iPhone will appeal to those who haven't upgraded to the larger iPhones
  • Apple wants to make encryption so good that even they can't break it
Mar 15, 2016

Halfway through the madness that is March, and we've got a bit of news for your listening pleasure today. 

  • What are probably the last beta versions of OS X 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3 have been released to beta testers; we tell you when to expect the "real thing"
  • Hear about what we expect to see at next Monday's Apple event
  • Apple News Publisher opens its door to publishers...but isn't working properly now
Mar 14, 2016

Taxes, Android, Microsoft and Apple's geographic business units gain our attention today on a slightly longer than usual edition of the AWT News Update:

  • Apple and three other multinationals get skewered at a European Parliament hearing on Wednesday
  • iOS 9 is now installed on 79% of all iOS devices, so we take a look at how various flavors of Android are faring in terms of adoption
  • Microsoft today added features to Outlook for iOS that make the Apple Mail and Calendar apps look even more weak and low
  • Stats show that the Americas add the most to Apple's bottom line
Mar 11, 2016

Friday is usually Slow News Day™ in the Apple universe, and today's no exception. 

  • 1Password gets an update
  • Ten One Design comes out with a cool little product that makes your MacBook charger less of a space hog
  • Nintendo announces when its first iOS game will drop
Mar 10, 2016

Our Apple news update spans the world of weirdness today:

  • Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt takes photos and texts folks at a South Korean Google event...with an iPhone
  • Apple announced it's upcoming product event on March 21, and we're not invited
  • Nest adds "Home/Away Assist" to its app with GPS support, so the furnace doesn't shut off when Dad leaves the home
  • Sonos makes a commitment to streaming music
Mar 9, 2016

Just a few short and sweet news items for today:

  • Microsoft gets snarky about Mac in an ad...and also steals music from a 2012 MacBook Pro ad
  • Google's doing some copying of their own, appropriating iOS 9 multitasking and picture-in-picture for the upcoming Android N
  • Let's raise a toast for three Macs that gained "vintage" status this week
  • Alleged iPhone 7 cases are starting to show up
Mar 8, 2016

In today's Apple news:

  • French lawmakers move forward with plans to fine and offer jail sentences to executives of companies like Apple or Google that don't provide open "back doors" for law enforcement
  • Google updates a few iPad apps, but still leaves out some much needed features 
  • Just for fun, we have a really stupid rumor for you
  • Hoops fans! Get a 4th-generation Apple TV before next Tuesday when March Madness begins. Why? There's an app!
Mar 7, 2016

Listen to this podcast? Be sure to leave a review on iTunes so we can get some attention and hopefully a larger audience. Now here's the news:

  • The sixth betas for OS X,iOS, tvOS, and watchOS have all been released today. We're expecting the final versions to be released near the Apple Spring Event, hopefully as soon as next week or on 3/22-3/23 at the latest
  • The Theatre at Apple Campus 2 was recently topped off with a huge composite roof
  • Google Photos gets an update that adds Live Photos, Split View, and more


Mar 4, 2016

As we head into the weekend, I start off today's Apple World Today News Update with a request for our listeners -- help us grow our audience by telling friends and co-workers about the podcast, and also please leave a review of the podcast out on iTunes.

  • Apple's @AppleSupport Twitter account is popular and busy!
  • ApplePay gets more regional and one big multinational bank; the focus is starting to move towards getting more merchant support
  • Gene Munster speaks up on Apple's capital return program
Mar 3, 2016

VR, Watch Faces, and Star Wars make it into today's Apple news:

  • Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey basically says it will be a cold day in Hell when his Oculus Rift headset works with Macs
  • A free tool is now available in the App Store if you want to design your own Watch faces (although complications are missing...)
  • It's time to pre-order Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to iTunes on April 1, 2016
Mar 2, 2016

In today's news from around the world of Apple:

  • It looks like AMC and Sling TV are coming soon to the 4th-generation Apple TV
  • Third-party resellers are having issues with inventory of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, a solid sign that a replacement is on the way
  • Apple Pay is popular with merchants who are on the way to updating their systems to accept NFC-based mobile wallets
  • The CEO of Fiat Chrysler has words of warning for Apple if the company is thinking about building its own car
  • TSMC is about to double capacity of 16nm chips this month, leading so speculation that the company is ramping production up for iPhone 7 production
Mar 1, 2016

A new month and we have some fun Apple-related news items for you today:

  • Drone manufacturer DJI intros the new DJI Phantom 4, which uses an iPad to set up a number of autonomous flight modes
  • Beta 5 of iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4, watch OS 2.2, and tvOS 9.2 showed up today for public and developer beta testers
  • Pebble dropped the price on its two smartwatches today
  • A visual: every new baby born on earth holding an iPhone in each hand...