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The AWT News Update brings you Apple-related news that you may not read about on the Apple World Today website. Updated M-F (except on US holidays), we'll keep you on top of the news in five minutes or less!
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Jan 29, 2016

For this last podcast of the month of January we have a few little news tidbits to make your afternoon:

  • Apple and London Mayor Boris Johnson show up in the news again
  • The UK's Guardian newspaper apparently had issues finding anything good to say about Apple, so they interviewed people who didn't work there
  • Have a 12-inch MacBook? A new flash drive from Sony will catch your interest
  • Google delivers a dedicated AdWords app for iOS
Jan 28, 2016

Speculation is running rampant about this year's crop of iPhones, and there are some interesting statements that have come out of various sources that are giving us an idea of what may happen...or lead us totally down the wrong path:

  • Cirrus Logic CEO talks in circles about Lightning-based headphones and manufacturing costs
  • Facebook adds live video for iPhone users in the USA
  • Nikkei says that the 4-inch iPhone (6c or 5se, your choice) is already in production
  • Apple's going to have to step up sales in emerging markets to increase or maintain global market share
Jan 27, 2016

Moves, updates, upgrades, and statistics. That's what we have for you on the Apple World Today News Update today!

  • A long-time Apple PR/Communications staffer may be moving to Twitter
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides get collaborative commenting as part of today's update
  • Intel releases specs and pricing on its new Skylake-based mobile CPUs, fueling speculation of an upgrade of the 15-inch MacBook Pro soon
  • Over 3/4 of all iOS devices are now running iOS 9
  • There's a lot of room for future sales of larger iPhones
  • Why the tablet market is shrinking
Jan 25, 2016

The Broncos and Panthers are going to the Super Bowl, but that's not the news for today. Apple fans will like to know that:

  • The second developer betas of OS X El Capitan 10.11.4, watchOS 2.2, tvOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3 were released today
  • Apple's 1Q 2016 earnings call is tomorrow. Expect a record quarter, but things won't probably look as bright for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016
  • Apple gets support from an unexpected source
  • The Truth Is Out There™ and here's where to get it on your Apple devices.

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Jan 22, 2016

After a brief, one-day hiatus yesterday due to conflicting podcast recordings, we're back with news. Well, not really news, because two of the items are actually rumors. So how about rumors plus one news item? OK? 

  • iPhone 5se coming soon?
  • Anandtech does a big review of the iPad Pro, compares it head to head with a number of Intel Core M devices
  • Tim Cook met with who?
Jan 20, 2016

At the top of a short and sweet AWT News Update today:

  • More CarPlay-compatible cars and trucks are announced from three manufacturers
  • There's an Android kernel flaw that isn't like to be fixed on over 66% of Android devices - time to switch to iOS, folks!
Jan 19, 2016

Here's all the Apple news that didn't make it onto the website today:

  • ESPN's president says they're still in talks with Apple for a streaming service
  • The founder of a company acquired by Apple in 2012 is leaving the company after being responsible for the look and feel of the new Apple TV's software
  • Verizon announces a new free data service for businesses, one that may attract an FCC investigation
Jan 18, 2016

At the top of the news of Apple for this Monday:

  • CarPlay beats six other finalists to get Autoblog's 2016 Technology of the Year award
  • Apple's not using Swift in-house very much at this point
  • Rumors of a March/April Apple product intro event seem to be false
Jan 14, 2016

Here's what's news in the world of Apple today:

  • Tim Cook got a bit miffed with administration officials at a recent encryption meeting
  • Samsung's going to invest a lot of money in production of displays for iPhones
  • Another public beta came out today
  • Apple Music had a bit of annoying downtime this morning
Jan 13, 2016

Apple's rethinking the ad business and more Apple news for this Wednesday:

  • Apple's iAd sales team is reportedly getting the axe and the platform will go programmatic soon
  • iOS 9.3 beta has a plethora of 3D Touch shortcuts
  • Rumors abound that the second-generation Apple Watch will go into trial production later this month
Jan 12, 2016

Today's Apple news bits include some app announcements, crazy Wall Street analysts, and a Microsoft spokesperson just being...a Microsoft spokesperson:

  • Shares in Apple given a "Buy" rating today by one major investment firm
  • Skype is adding free group video calling to the iPhone and iPad apps soon
  • Microsoft spokesperson Dan Laycock disses the iPad Pro
  • You'll now be able to watch Periscope streams -- like the one we do most days while recording the podcast -- right in your Twitter stream
  • VLC is now in the Apple TV App Store
Jan 11, 2016

A short Apple news update for you today:

  • tvOS 9.2 beta includes some welcome new features
  • Want to know what 2016/2017 car models have CarPlay? Apple released a full list
  • Facebook might be looking at a Facebook Messenger for Mac app
  • Apple responds to rumors that they're working on an Android-to-iPhone migration app
Jan 8, 2016

On this wintry (at least in Colorado) day in January, we take a look at the following topics on the news update:

  • Apple's rumored plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from future iPhones is throwing people into a tizzy
  • A lawyer attempting to sue Apple is told by a federal judge her work was done in a "manifestly incompetent manner"
  • VW didn't get to show off wireless CarPlay support at CES this week, but CarPlay still got some love
  • We'll never know, but Jony Ive may make more money than anyone at Apple
Jan 7, 2016

A short podcast today due to circumstances that were totally under our control:

  • As expected, an innovative iOS screencasting app was yanked from the App Store
  • iPhone 7 rumors are heating up
  • Our first AWT patron podcast is now available to anyone who supports the site
Jan 6, 2016

It's CES time so the news isn't all Apple...

  • The VR space heats up with announcements from Nikon and Speck
  • Things are going crazy in the wearables and connected health markets, with Fitbit getting slapped with a class action suite, Misfit announcing two new products, and Withings joining the fun with a new wearable and a connected thermometer
  • Tim Cook made a little over $10 million last year, and his executive team did even better
  • If you're a supporter of Apple World Today on Patreon or through PayPal, you'll be getting a new benefit starting tomorrow - a patron-only podcast


Jan 5, 2016

CES 2016 doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we don't have tons of news about the big technology event:

  • A CES announcement by Fitbit of its new Blaze smart fitness watch backfired, as investors sold shares and drove the price of Fitbit stock down over 18 percent today
  • Last night's Faraday Future event begs the question -- is Apple really serious about getting into the car business? If they are, they'd better get moving
  • Sources say that Apple is cutting back on production of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus citing decreased demand and robust inventories
  • Apple's data center plans are moving ahead, with permits acquired for a second facility in Reno, Nevada
Jan 4, 2016

The first AWT News Update for 2016 is short, but full of great information:

  • The 4th-Generation Apple TV can now do Siri searches for PBS and PBS Kids shows
  • One investment firm is still bullish on Apple shares despite the hammering the stock has been taking
  • Another developer beta of iOS 9.2.1 has been released
  • Here's a tip on how to clear the cache in the iOS App Store app